Additives (Modified Starch) for Auto Plant

Many high end auto plants are equiped with completely automatic glue kitchens. Some Corrugators make their own glue with starch , caustic and borax. These components forms basic ingradients any Corrugation Adhesive. There are many additives and modified starches which can enhance board properties. Additives added will be in the range of 15 % of starch used in case where fully auto glue kitchen is installed. In case where auto glue kitchen is not installed it would be 25%. This formulation gives same performance as our premix glues. Overall costing would come down because native starch is procured and used at customers end.

Modified Starch

Corrugators making their own adhesives may be experiencing variation in viscosity and drastic drop in viscosity in system. There could be issues with bonding of highly sized karft papers. They may also feel handicaped when they are facing any bonding issue even in normal cisumstances. Modified starches provided by us will bridge this gap and you can be assured of all assistance as reagards the bonding


● High initial tack. This will allow machine to run designed speed. This is important for formation of green bond.
● Gives consistent viscosity. Viscosity behaviour in tank and tray are very predictable.
● Compatible to run up to 250 Mtr/ Min.
● 100 % fiber tear on all the layers.
● Quick setting. No curing is needed and boards can be processed in less than 5 minutes.
● Compatible with waterproof resins of any dossage.
● It offers some moisture resistance.
● 8 to 10 % higher compression values can be achieved.
● Improves the bonding in highly sized papers.
● Saves energy to the extent of 10 to 25 %.

Modified Starch for Corrugation Adhesive

Product GradeApplicationWater Mix ratioDosage per 100 kg Viscosity (+/- 3 sec)pHPacking in Kg
Glue Kitchen
High Shear Mixer