Corrugation Adhesives for Auto Plant

Auto Plant Corrugation Adhesive is completely different from Manual Plant Corrugation Powder. If Manual Corrugation Adhesives are used in Auto Plant , it would result sub-optimal bonding. Most of plants are run on steam and heat transfer to board is very good. Auto Plants can use formulations based on Native Starch. However Manual Plants need Modified Starch based formulations. Auto plants can handle higher viscosity glues due to availability of circulation system. 2 ply sheet is subject to reheating in the Double Backer and bonding should not become brittle under the belt.

Our Products

Consistency in viscosity is very crucial for smooth running of Auto Plant. Corrugation Adhesive viscosity must be consistent at mixing tank during the preparation and stable in the tray while running. Viscosity drop due to circulation is marginal ( 10-15%). Amylodex Corrugation Powder for auto plants are made from blend of modified and unmodified Maize Starch. Customers can get highly consistent product. One grade of of adhesive can be used for Single Facer and Double Backer application. Viscosity would slightly drop in Single Facer and viscosity at Double Backer would remain same.

Advantages of our Products :

● High initial tack. This will allow machine to run designed speed. This is important for formation of green bond.
● Amylodex Corrugation Adhesive is carrier based formulation and gives very consistent viscosity. Viscosity behaviour in tank and tray are very predictable.
● Existing formulations are compatible to run 250 Mtr/ Min and tested at customers place at 210 Mtr/Min.
● 100 % fiber tear on all the layers.
● Quick setting.
● Compatible with waterproof resins.
● It offers some moisture resistance.
● Helps in realising theoretical Compression Values.
● Adhesive gives good bonding even with hgh compact Kraft liners.
● These are low energy consuming adhesives.

Corrugation Powder SD Maize

Product GradeStarch BaseWater Mix ratioSolids in %Viscosity (+/- 3 sec)pHPacking in Kg